Andy Robbins – Review

I’ve previously had the pleasure of receiving some of Andy’s most recent releases and to say it has been refreshing would be quite the understatement.

You may expect formulaic compositions and flat, uninspired themes from some solo musicians however Andy Robbins has defied the boundaries in the field. Beginning with “Promises Declined”, the listener is lulled into assuming a slow ballad to come however we are pleasantly greeted with an upbeat lead melody and multiple instruments. Andy clearly speaks from experience and the heart when the vocal track initiates which compliments the energetic yet moody tune. The production is remarkably intuitive, every frequency band is tastefully utilised and hints of overdubbing are barely detectable although they add body in the optimal points.

“On Another Morning” offers insight into Andy’s ability as a songwriter. Lyrical furniture very much paints a portrait while a powerful hook is reminiscent of the work of Bob Dylan. The string section accentuates rather than detracts which is often the case with many folk songs and delivers a sense of wistfulness which marries with the title of the track effectively.

It’s rare to find a single musician that doesn’t require development in any given area, Andy is the exception to the rule.

Graham Iddon, Bucks TV

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