Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes

It is always a great treat to see a ‘Bourne’ but a new one is extra special and he doesn’t let us down…. in fact he makes me sick… why is he and his loyal team sooo talented !!?! I never went to see ballet and contemporary dance until he came along …. He has the ability to tell the story so well through the medium of dance idiots like me can get it! And you can’t have Matthew Bourne (sorry keep forgetting the Sir!) without his Lez Brotherston  and his perfect set and costume design…. everything works hand in hand. ‘Red shoes’ is taken to another level however, the set moves so perfect it is as choreographed as the talented cast of dancers.

I would recommend you go and see it but unfortunately it is SOLD OUT in Milton Keynes…. try somewhere else on tour you won’t be disappointed. It is at Wycombe in June.