Kop Hill Climb


The Kop Hill Climb is a hill climb in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. The climb was originally established in 1910 but due to a minor accident involving a spectator on the public road that formed the hillclimb, the last competitive event was held on 28 March 1925. The RAC then banned all motor sport on public roads, making the Kop Hill Climb the last of its kind to be run on the public highways in the UK. Since 2009 Kop Hill has been the focus of an annual revival run as a non-competitive, charity event.

Kop Hill Climb – 2011

Kop Hill Climb – 2012

Kop Hill Climb – 2013

Kop Hill Climb – 2014

Kop Hill Climb – 2015

Kop Hill Climb – 2016

The Kop Hill Climb in its original, competitive form became a major event on the motor sports car and motorcycle calendar and many famous drivers and riders took part in the early years including Malcolm Campbell (Talbot 12 hp “Blue Bird”), Raymond Mays (Bugatti) The fastest time recorded for a car was in 1922 when Count Zborowski driving a Ballot GP achieved 26.8 seconds, and the fastest motorcycle was in 1925 with Freddie Dixon achieving a time of 22.8 seconds with a 736 cc Douglas at an average of 81 mph (130 km/h). The climb takes part on a public road with a 1:6 gradient leading to 1:5 with a short 1:4 at its steepest at the top of the climb. Richard Carr, Sam Bayly and Jan Pearce talk you through all the fact and figures.