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Audi RS 6 Avant

Kevin Haggarthy puts this new monster through its paces. The third generation priced at £76,985 OTR, available from August 2013.

Kop Hill Climb 2012

Kop Hill is one of the oldest Hill Climbs in England, the first recorded races were in 1910. The last event was in 1925, as a result of a accident, the RAC decided to ban all motor sport on public roads. Revived recently raising money for charity.

Salon Prive London 2012

Sam Bayly mixed with the rich and famous at Syon Park for her yearly indulgence of posh cars… fast cars …. classic cars and expensive cars….

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF – FF meaning "Ferrari Four", for four seats and four-wheel drive. It is a grand tourer. It is Ferrari's first production four-wheel drive model. A top speed of 335 km/h (208 mph) and from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.7 seco

F40 Silverstone Classic 2012

The Silverstone Classic 2012 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Ferrari F40 supercar with a world record gathering of the largest collection of F40s ever seen in one place, organised by the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain.

Volkswagen Beetle

All new generation Beetle models are front-wheel drive, front engined and have three doors and four seats. Sam Bayly takes her pick at Danesfield House in Marlow.

Volkswagen up

The Volkswagen up! is a city car, part of the Volkswagen Group New Small Family series of models. Sam Bayly puts it through its nippy paces at Danesfield House in Marlow .

Kop Hill 2011 official DVD on sale Now

Purchase your Kop Hill Climb 2011 official DVD here… Only £12 plus postage & packaging… Features a twenty minute programme on the weekend… a history of … and footage of the cars and bikes on the morning seesions up the hill.

Kop Hill Climb 2011

Kop Hill is one of the oldest Hill Climbs in England, the first recorded races were in 1910. The last event was in 1925, as a result of a accident, the RAC decided to ban all motor sport on public roads. Revived recently raising money for charity.

Golf Cabriolet

After a nine year absence the soft-top is back and in better shape than ever.


The new generation Tiguan, Volkswagen's fourth best-selling model.

Salon Prive at Syon Park 2011

Salon Privé is a society garden party in the middle of London by day and a glamorous cocktail party by night, with some amazing… classic, vintage and modern cars to drool over… Kevin Haggarthy did just that!

A Wet Salon Prive 2011

Kevin has a fabulous time at Syon Park in the sunny afternoon…. Sam and Richard went in the morning and got a little wet!!


The Amarok Pick-up is a four door five seater double cab.Developed to be the most refined, advanced and efficient in its class, with serious
off-road credentials.

One Hundred Years of Ford

Sam Bayly has locally sourced a hundred years worth of Ford cars and got them all together on the day the new Ford focus got released, to celebrate 100 years of manufacturing.

Ferrari California F1

Kevin Haggarthy pops into the Bucks TV studios in a brand new Calfornia F1… all £212,000 of it….and puts it through its paces.

Maserati Quattroporte

The new Maserati Quattroporte is unique in the field of luxury saloons, combining elegance and comfort with stunning performance.

Vauxhall Snow Shoes

Aftersales Director David Kirke from Vauxhall, talks us through the new range of ‘snow socks’ for cars to try to help reduce accidents and insurance claims during the bad weather.

Fiat Panda.

Kevin Haggarthy reviews the latest small and nippy Fiat Panda.

Fiat Punto Evo

Kevin Haggarthy talks us around the latest Fiat

Salon Prive 2010.

The 5th Luxury Super Car Event. Sam Bayly, Kevin Haggarthy and Richard Carr, dressed up in their finest to visit the UK's premier boutique motoring pageant in the beautiful grounds of London's Hurlingham Club.

Peugeot RCZ

Kevin Haggarthy puts this funky coupe through its paces.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Kevin Haggarthy celebrates Alfa Romeos 100th anniversary by taking a look at the new Giulietta.

Mercedes Benz World.

Kevin Haggarthy checks out the E63 Mercedes AMG at the Mercedes HQ on the legendary Brooklands Race Circuit.

Local Historic Car Enthusiast – Jan Pearce

Sam Bayly visits local Triumph restorer and puts his 1955 TR2 through its paces, getting ready for this years "Kop Hill Climb" in Princes Risborough this September. More details:

Chrysler Voyager

Kevin Haggarthy get carried away with all the gadgets and gizmos on the new Voyager, the ideal family run around.

VXR Karting Challenge

Bucks TV joined the first round with it's Celeb team at Thruxton Kart Centre. A two and half hour endurance race in professional karts. We missed a podium place by just 30 secs !!

The New Aston Martin Rapide

Bucks TV are one of the first to show you this lastest offering from Aston Martin, the four door Rapide. Kevin Haggarthy drives it up the A41 to avoid all those pot holes!

Lotus Evora

Kevin Haggarthy puts the new Lotus Evora through its paces on the roads of Marlow. This top spec version is yours for around £58,000.

The Nissan Challenge

Richard Carr joins Nissan at Silverstone for a number of challenges, including Fork Lift Truck assault courses, stunt driving and racing around the circuit.

Nissan Quashqui 2010

Sam Bayly test drives the new Nissan Quashqui, which has the highest ever NCAP rating for passenger safety

Nissan Juke

Fresh in from it's debut at the Geneva motor show, Nissan's new baby the Juke gets the once over from Sam Bayly

Suzuki SX4

Kevin Haggarthy visits the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu to take a closer look at the new Suzuki SX4


On a cold Winter's day Kevin Haggarthy warms up the engine of the new BMW 5 series GT and takes us for a spin!

Jaguar XFS

Kevin Haggarthy enthuses about the new Jaguar XFS

Land Cruising with Sam

Sam steals the Land Cruiser keys off Kevin and goes 'white water rafting' in the grounds of West Wycombe Park!

Audi Day

Kevin Haggarthy is invited to test drive the new Audi range and look at Audi's heritage cars.


Kevin Haggarthy and Samantha Bayly attend the UK launch of the Japanese luxury car brand Infiniti

Nissan Qashqai n-tec

Kevin Haggarthy tests out the new family car the Qashqai from Nissan.

Renault Clio GT

Kevin Haggarthy talks us round the new Renault Clio GT amongst some of the beautiful Buckinghamshire Countryside

Alfa Romeo Mito.

Kevin Haggarthy and Samantha Bayly of Bucks TV put the Alfa Romeo Mito through it's paces.

Saab 2LXWD

[jwplayer file=] 26 April 2009.

Saab Convertible

[jwplayer file=] 26 April 2009.

Vauxhall Corsa Ecoflex

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Chevrolet Captiva

[jwplayer file=] 26 April 2009.

Team 48 visit Team Modena

Team 48, a new motor racing team put together by ex foolballer Luther Blissett visited Team Modena in High Wycombe. His team mates Kevin Haggarthy and Les Ferdinand joined him.

Mini Cooper S

[jwplayer file=] 01 January 2009.

Mini One

[jwplayer file=] 01 January 2009.

Mini Clubman

[jwplayer file=] 01 January 2009.

Mini Cooper

[jwplayer file=] 01 January 2009.