Marlow School Lands a bit of the Moon!!

The Apollo missions brought back 382kg of Moon rock. The financial cost of getting these rocks was historically eye-watering so, understandably, NASA is choosy about who gets to play with them. Many go to scientists for laboratory investigation, but they came to Sir Willaim Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow recently.

All KS3 students had a special Gloopy Liquid lesson and then were taken to see the moon rocks. All Geologists, PhySoc and Eng Soc members had a Society session with the moon rocks.The Natural History Museum lent meteorites to supplement the UK loan scheme. Some of these could be handled and were famous and rare examples, such as the Nakhla martian meteorite fragment.

Year 13 sixth form geology students headed up by Fin Reed produced this video report for Bucks TV