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Arnold Hargreaves – World War ll Veteran – Speaks to Bucks TV

[jwplayer mediaid="13332"] World War II Veteran Arnold Hargreaves (99), the sole surviving crew member of an HMS Bulldog boarding party that in 1941 captured a Nazi U-boat complete with Enigma code machine, six months worth of codes, and charts showing the positions of U-boats, minefields and swept channels in the Atlantic.

Armed Forces Day 2016

[jwplayer mediaid="13331"] Bletchley Park, the home of British code-breaking and the birthplace of modern information technology, is opening its doors to host the 2016 Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Armed Forces Day on Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 for a weekend of activities.  

New Alan Turing Exhibition.

Top Gear's James May has unveiled the new ' Life and Works of Alan Turing' exhibition at Bletchley Park. With new artefacts revealed for the very first time in the presence of Alan Turing's family.

Bletchley Park First Day Cover Stamps

Brand new first day cover stamps featuring Alan Turing have been launched by the Royal Mail. Bletchley Park Post Office shows us their special displays.

Bletchley Park Commemorative Badges

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband presented commemmorative badges to Bletchley Park veterans. They were finally honoured for the vital role they all played working for the Government Code and Cypher School during the Second World War.

Bletchley Park

The amazing secret on our doorstep. The Codebreakers probably reduced the war by around two years and saved many lives.

Alan Turing

Simon Greenish, Director of the Bletchley Park Trust tells us why code breaker, Alan Turing deserves your vote and recognition.